The JPX4CP is a 4-shot high-performance OC pepper projector. It fires canisters filled with 0.35 oz of our
most potent 400,000 SHU Piexol OC solution.The canisters can be individually replaced when discharged. 
The JPX4 is a break-barrel system.The trigger is double-action only rotating between the four barrels with each pull, allowing the discharge of four rounds in less than 4 seconds. Its two finger grip makes the JPX4CP a compact 
and lightweight high power defense tool. A window in each barrel indicates if a live or a training canister is
loaded. Four canisters can be put together with a speed loader clip.
Dimensions: L x H x W:   7.57 x 4.88 x 1.57 in
                (193 x 124 x 40 mm)
Weight:  Empty:       14.07 oz (399g)
 Loaded:       15.66 oz (579g)