The JPX Jet Defender is the most functional and powerful hand-held OC delivery system available today. The conventional gun design speeds training and ensures accurate solution delivery. The power of each payload combined with reloading makes the JPX extremely effective for law enforcement use. The JPX 2-shot cartridge holds two canisters filled with Piexol OC agent or with a marker available for training. The patented cartridge design provides an unique self-clean mechanism cleaning the nozzle from residues,
so that after you fire one shot, you are not exposed to the residues from the fired barrel. 
There is a broad variety of accessories available. Check our website for more details.
Dimensions: L x H x W   7.48 x 3.54 x 1.46 in.
                     L x B x H   190 x 90 x 37mm
Weight: Projector only:   8.81 oz./ 250g
             Projector incl. Laser:   9.52 oz./ 270g
             Magazine:   4.76 oz./ 135g
Laser: 635nm Reddot  (optional, may be restricted by law!)