9x19mm Parabellum is the most used pistol bullet in Europe and many other countries of the world. Based on this information, TURAÇ has made all necessary investments and R & D activities in order to reach the latest technology in the production of gun shells for the armed forces, security forces and civilian use.
Length of Cartridge:                 Approx. 29,69 - 08 mm
Weight of Cartridge Weight:           12, 15 g
Velocity / Speed:                    350 ± 10m / sec (at 5 m)
Pressure / Pressure:                  max.2350 bar
Dispersion / Distribution:              max. 4.2 cm (25m)
Bullet Type / Bullet Type:              FMJ
Case Model / Model:                 9x19 mm
Case Length / Length:                 19,15 - 03 mm
UV Sealed / Lacquer:                  None