686 Ultralight
686 Ultralight: Featherweight 12-Gauge Shotgun for Serious Upland Hunters
The 686 Ultralight offers full-featured 12-gauge over-under performance in an extremely lightweight package, making it perfect for the most demanding upland hunts. At 5.95 lbs, it weighs less than a typical 20-gauge, which means that hunters on the move who have to wade through knee-deep marshy grounds or thigh-deep long grass won’t have to worry about the extra fatigue.
But while light, this shotgun does not compromise in balance, strength and durablity; this is made possible by Beretta’s half-millennium of experience ing and working with the best metals for the intended purpose. Available with a 2 ¾" chamber and with either 26” or 28” barrels, the 686 Ultralight is a shotgun for serious hunters who demand perfect balance while wanting to shave off weight.
686 Ultralight Classic
Barrel length (cm)            67/71
Barrel length (in)              26/28
Chamber (mm)              70
Chamber (in)                  2" 3/4
Choke                      MC
Gauge                      12
Lylium                      Y
Rib                          6x6