MAK1 AK to M4 Stock Adapter
The IMI Defense MAK1 is a high-quality fiber-reinforced polymer compound Stock Adapter, designed as an easy upgrade for the original AKM47/AKM74 standard fixed stock to a Milspec M16/M4 collapsible Stock. With the IMI Defense MAK1 adapter installed, most M4 type collapsible stocks can be attached to your AKM, providing 6 positions to change the length of pull desired
Features and benefits:
• Available for Stamped AKM’s
• 6 position tube for  optimal fit of the stock length
• Fits any M16/M4 Stock
• Lightweight, made of high quality fiber reinforced polymer compound
• Rugged design
• Improves stability, highly durable, non-compromising design and material to enhance tactical performance
• Massive strength, highly resistant to major impacts
• Self-adjustable to any Stamped Receiver
• No gunsmith required
• Fits Mil standard buffer tube
Made in Israel