IMI Defense SRS1 – Survival M16/AR15 Rifle Buttstock
The IMI Defense SRS1 – Survival Rifle Stock for M16/AR15 is an enhanced ergonomics fixed rifle stock with superior cheek weld, robust structure and an extra push button build in 10 round AR15 magazine enclosed in a buttpad compartment
Features and benefits:
• Made of high quality fiber reinforced polymer compound
• Build in compartment holding 10 round IMI Defense G1 magazine
• Shielded slide-release latch
• Slim line tactical design
• Optimized sloping cheek weld
• Cheek support
• Right and left QD tactical sling adapter ports
• One slot for sling attachment at the bottom of the stock
• Perfect fit on A2 buffertube
• Patent pending
Available in Black, O.D. Green and Desert Tan
Made in Israel