Gungnir (Old Norse Gungnir, “Swaying;”pronounced “GUNG-neer”) is the name of the mighty spear that belongs to the god Odin. In the recorded Norse myths, Gungnir is the weapon most consistently and powerfully associated with Odin and it is said to have runes carved on its point, which presumably increase its aim and deadliness throughmagic. The spirit of Gungnir Arms is to afford the excellent service and the high quality of products, the customers will enjoy using our accurate creation.

The main business of Gungnir Arms is to provide the non-lethal weapon, police equipment, protective gear, body armor, riot control equipment ,and related items to the law enforcement, correction, private security, military units, intelligence agencies. We are eager to develop new items and build the relationship with the field of security equipment.

Besides,Gungnir Arms is positively promoting the leisure sports like shooting, motorsport. The state licensing shooting association and shooting team are our partners, and we are assisting the players win trophies more easily in the international shooting game. In the motorcycle race, we are also the official sponsor of Asia SRP SONIC Team. This team won the second place gloriously of 2016 TSF Taiwan Grand Racing & 2016 TMRRC Taiwan Motor Championships.