STERLING Competition 12 Cal. 24 Gr. Trap // 201.24.T
Thanks to the newly developed soft plug design and high hardness of antimony, the competitor provides high performance in the competition. The gunpowder has been carefully ed, manufactured exclusively to ensure full accuracy in competitions. Fast burning and flame-sized capsule and all other materials have been tested by our R & D department several times, tested in the most advanced test equipment. We wish you success in competitions already.
Technical specifications          
• Hard Nonsense
• High speed
• High performance
• Low recoil
Product code                   201.24.T
Gross Box Weight                9,30 kg.
Parcel Pieces                   25x10
Box Dimensions                 31x22,5x11 cm
Sleeve dimensions (cal / mm)      12/12/70
Nonsense Number                7.5
Output Speed (m / s)              395
Pressure (bar)                    550